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Over the last few years employee benefits communications have become even more complex, creating a larger burden for human resource directors, benefits administrators, and benefits brokers. On-going and effective employee benefits communications is critical to attract and retain the best talent that any growing and success organization would need.









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Organizations and their employee benefits administrators are faced with the challenge of either keeping the day-to-day employee benefits communications in-house or finding a capable outside partner that will meet their ongoing employee benefits communications needs. Gallagher Close Specialty Publishing and Communications has made this challenge simpler with our employee benefits communications service model.

Gallagher Close takes into account a bigger picture approach when developing an effective employee benefits communications service model. We look at our clients’ past for insight, their present for structure, and their future needs for expansion.

We recognize that each employee benefits communications opportunity offered to us is unique and needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. At the core of our business is our employee benefits communications system, which consists of ongoing employee benefits communications, database management, benefits compliance communications, and on-line employee benefits enrollment.

Employee Benefits Communications Services

It doesn’t matter how many employee benefits an organization offers its staff, or how good the benefits are, if the audience doesn’t know about the benefits and their value. Gallagher Close can create, build, and manage a customized employee benefits communications platform. Our benefits communications services include, but are not limited to:

• Employee benefits website hosting, development, and ongoing management
• Employee benefits eNewsletter (digital)
• Employee benefits information blasts (digital)
• Employee benefits online brochure (digital)
• Employee benefits booklet and informational material (print)
• Customized online employee benefits open enrollment (digital)
• Employee benefits social networking Site (digital)
• Voluntary and Core employee benefits marketing (print and digital)

Employee Benefits Database Management Services

At the center of a successful employee benefits communications endeavor is an effective database management system. Gallagher Close can create, build, and manage a proprietary benefits database management system that would be housed on a HIPAA/HITECH compliant cloud server.

The Gallagher Close database management system would function as a conduit for employee benefits communications. The database benefits management services would include, but are not limited to:

• Refining and managing data capture processes and protocols
• Manual data input by our database management team
• Creating data reports based on data captured in our database system
• Building and managing benefits data in a fluid data system
• Building and managing employee data for underwriting purposes
• Managing benefits data for fiduciary and accounting processes

State and Federal Compliance Communications

HIPAA-HITECH regulation, ERISA form 5500, and COBRA are only a few of the benefits compliance concerns that need to be addressed by any organization on a regular basis.

The Gallagher Close employee benefits communications platform will act as a channel to compliance information and professionals who can provide the right service at the right time to keep any organization’s state and federal regulatory and compliance mandates up to date.

Online Enrollment

Gallagher Close has created a unique online benefits management tool. Many benefits providers offer online enrollment for their particular benefits, but Gallagher close has taken the idea of online enrollment further.

We have created and managed an online single open enrollment application that can transmit collected employee data digitally through an encrypted HIPAA-HITECH portal. We can offer online enrollment customized for your annual open enrollment or ongoing enrollment throughout the year.

To Our Valued Clients

The preceding information is only a general outline of the services that Gallagher Close can offer its clients. We recognize that each potential client is unique in its employee benefits communications needs.

We will customize each proposal based on the actual overall needs of each client, and based on the core services that we offer each client. We can customize an ongoing rate structure that will work within your organization’s budget and still deliver an effective ongoing communications venture.

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